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Perkins School for the Blind: Watertown, MA

Since February 2010, volunteers from local Massachusetts high schools have assembled in the Perkins gym to teach tennis to students aged 18-21. Beginning with just a single gym class, this chapter has now expanded to include after-school tennis classes and summer camp.


Aneesh Anand

Rayan Bezri

Jaey Cho

Caroline DiNapoli       

Kayla Farina

Malini Gandhi

Yarden Gavish

Rosanna Gessel-Larson

Ilana Greenstein

Jodi Grosberg

Danielle Handler

Akiva Katz

Rachel Kronberg

Kris Labovitch

Philip Lam

Helen Maunsell

Hannah McGoldrick

Max McKee Proctor

Kayla Shore

Becca Trayner

Fatema Zaidi


Lenox, MA: (upcoming)