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About Us

Sejal Vallabh, Founder  

An avid tennis player, Sejal was inspired to start Tennis SERVES after a summer internship in Tokyo where she joined a community service group working with blind and visually impaired athletes. She returns to Japan every summer to train with the Japan Blind Tennis Federation. Currently a junior at a Massachusetts high school, Sejal’s goal is to spread the sport in the United States and, eventually, to the Paralympics.


Tennis SERVES Board of Directors and Advisors

Phil Parrish, Director

Mr. Parrish, tennis director at the Longfellow Club, is one of the most renowned junior tennis coaches in the Northeast. Mr Parrish has supported Tennis SERVES from the start by offering his experience in tennis instruction and providing other valuable guidance.    


Mitali Perkins, Director  

Ms. Perkins is a young children's author based in Boston. Her support and guidance has been invaluable to the organization thus far.



Matt LaCortiglia, Director

Mr. La Cortiglia is the leader of the Adapted Physical Education Department at the Perkins School. By sharing his experience with teaching blind athletes, Mr. LaCortiglia has been an important contributor to Tennis SERVES. 


Ayako Matsui, Formal Advisor

Ms. Matsui is a special education teacher, and teaches tennis to blind children in Japan. Ayako was a close friend of Miyoshi Takei, the founder of the sport, and worked closely with him to develop the sport. Ever since Mr. Takei passed away, Ms. Matsui has been working tirelessly to promote the sport. The drills, exercises, and activities that Ms. Matsui has shared with TS have been invaluable to our progress.